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Frances Kai-Hwa Wang writes the nationally syndicated column Adventures in Multicultural Living which invites us to join her and her children on their everyday adventures into the new multicultural reality in which we all live. She hopes that "multiculturalism" can be more than a catchword that is dutifully trotted out for every school pageant or international potluck, but actually becomes an integrated part of our everyday lives. These columns include explorations of multicultural events and cultural practices, thoughts about raising children with cultures, visits with colorful personalities straddling different cultures, stories of cross-cultural clashes, and moments of resonance that cut across cultures and move us all.

Come walk with us. 


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Frances Kai-Hwa Wang's Adventures in Multicultural Living column appears in:


Chicago is the World

New America Media's new Ethnoblog: (weekly format beginning October 2009) (weekly format October 2009-2011)--find one article under Passions and Pursuits, then click on the tag at the bottom of the article for "Adventures in Multicultural Living" to find them all or click here: Asian American Village blog


Ann Arbor Chronicle:


Japanese American Citizens League's Pacific Citizen:
Rhythms of the Season 9/3/2010
The Musician s Granddaughter
Modern Kids, Alternative Kids, Searching for More 6/9/2010
From Kung Fu Fighting to Obon Dancing 5/7/2010
The Moon Festival 10/2/2009
Boon, Michigan
Shopping Cart Races 08/07/2009
The Aunties at Temple 7/3/09
Culture of a Kiss 4/28/09
The Teahouse  03/25/2009
The Obon Dance  02/24/2009
Introduction to 'Adventures in Multicultural Living' Column 01/28/2009

Rainbow Voices of Adoption:,
Adventures in Multicultural Living--Rhythms of the Season, 10/10/2010, View Article
Adventures in Multicultural Living: A different kind of Mother's Day gift: watching kids compete at Chinese speech tournament, 5/16/2010, View Article
Adventures in Multicultural Living: Reading, sharing, curating and subverting books to expand the definition of normal, 4/4/2010, View Article
Adventures in Multicultural Living Winter Olympians of color, 3/7/2010, View Article
Adventures in Multicultural Living: Learning about Christmas and Santa through the claymation classics, 12/24/2009, View Article
Adventures in Multicultural Living: Creating our own Multicultural Thanksgiving Traditions, 11/29/2009, View Article
Adventures in Multicultural Living--Ode to Halloween Costumes, Plus Warning, 10/30/2009, View Article
Adventures in Multicultural Living--The Moon Festival   (09/28/2009)
Adventures in Multicultural Living--Culture on the Volcano   (09/04/2009)
Adventures in Multicultural Living--Sitting in the Sunshine   (07/07/2009)
Adventures in Multicultural Living--The Teahouse   (06/17/2009)
Adventures in Multicultural Living--Navigating the Nuances of Names   (05/09/2009)
Adventures in Multicultural Living--power and joy of language   (04/02/2009)
Adventures in Multicultural Living--Culture of a Kiss   (03/01/2009)

'Adventures in Multicultural Living' Column Launch (2/1/2009)

InCulture Parent Magazine ( October 2010 launch


Families with Children from China Metro Detroit Newsletter (print)


Ann Arbor Observer ( for Shopping Cart Races only (pending)


and of course, the Multicultural Villages:
The Teahouse
Not Your Mom--Navigating the Nuances of Names
Attack of the Asianphile
Culture of a Kiss


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