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Popular seminar topics include:


Multicultural Toolbox--Strategies for Raising our Children with Culture(s) and Pride

In this lively and fast-paced seminar, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang discusses how to make cultural education a part of our everyday lives and our decision-making. How do we teach our children about their cultural heritage? What are some tools, strategies, and resources we can use to build positive self-esteem and ethnic identity? How do we make teaching about their/our/other culture(s) and values a normal part of everyday life in America? How important is language? How do we prepare our children for racism? How do we extend our lessons about being bicultural to multicultural? This program will introduce practical tools and strategies for incorporating culture(s) into a multicultural lifestyle. Can be tailored for adoptive parents, educators, grandparents, Asian and Asian American audience, general multicultural audience, etc. 


Strategies for Raising Bilingual and Multilingual Children

Practical, hands-on strategies and tools based in cultural pride for teaching your child a second (or third) language, whether you speak it fluently or not! Can be tailored for adoptive parents, grandparents, Asian and Asian American audience, general multicultural audience, etc. 


Using Books to Teach our Children Language and Culture(s)

Practical, hands-on strategies for using the books at hand to teach language and culture(s), including translating books, defacing books, borrowing other culture(s).


Preparing our Children for Racism

  • Laying the Groundwork
  • From Understanding to Action
  • Resources for Teaching Tolerance

    Teaching Our Kids to Critically Read and Deflate Media Stereotypes

    Finding the Missing Asian is only step one. Talk back to your tv! Keep it real! Strategies to take control of the stereotypes before they take control of you.


    APA Girl Power!

    APA girls face unique and sometimes conflicting challenges to growing up proud and strong in both Asian and American societies. Some thoughts and strategies to help them develop their strength and pride and voice.


    Objective Reality and Hawaii of the Mind--Critical Thinking and Virtual Community

    Truth, Truisms, and Virtual Community--Part of Becoming Asian American Series


    Becoming Asian the Midwest?!!--A Personal Journey


    ChinaNOW--Why China? Why Now? Why Me?


    Asian Pacific American History and Heroes--Stories of Resistance and Courage


    Chinese American History--From the Transcontinental Railroad to Yahoo!


    Japanese American History--WW2 and the Internment


    Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May)


    Festival Talks:

  • Lunar New Year's and Lantern Festival
  • Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
  • From Chinese Valentine's Day to Japan's White Day to Korea's Black Day
  • Special Half-Day China Immersion Workshop:

  • Introduction to Chinese Language with Hsiu-Chao Yang, MA Education Psychology
  • Introduction to Chinese History with Dr. Yi-Li Wu, Assoc. Professor History, Albion College
  • Introduction to Asian Pacific American History and Issues with Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, Asian American Village Acting Editor
  • One other topic of interest may be able to be added on--Raising children with culture(s)? Asian folk arts? Contemporary Asian Art? International Adoption Issues?
  • See "for children" page for more presentations appropriate for families and mixed-age groups.

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